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One-day discovery workshop

A day of discovery of encaustic gives participants the chance to live a unique experience with this wax-based technique . The encaustic is  very little known in Quebec, also little practiced by artists and above all, expensive when you want to try the experience.  From these facts, the interest is great and especially with her background as a teacher, Pascale offers you with ease and happiness her pleasure to share her great passion for this paint based on beeswax.  and so... She sets the table for you!

After more than 10 years of experience with this ancestral technique , the artist presents an overview of the origins of encaustic , all the basic equipment to practice this medium as well as the heating tools. Relevant tips and advice are explained to you throughout the day, to allow you, if you have the desire, to continue and venture into this unique practice.  

Encaustic is a medium that offers several avenues including: image transfer, engraving, printing on cardboard, fusion with torches and hot iron, etc. Pascale makes you discover all of these through individual practical exercises on pieces of wood.  A technique based on beeswax and Damar resin that fascinates and amazes for sure!  

In the afternoon, she guides you in the individual realization of a work, small format on wood panel (your choice: 8"x10", 10"x10", 9"x12).  So you leave with samples of explorations and a personalized work. 


Technique Pascale Bouchard artiste à l'encaustique à base de cire d'abeilles.jpg

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Courses offered in September and October 2022

** A $150 DEPOSIT is required at the time of booking

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