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Lumineuse.12  Pascale Bouchard Artiste peintre à l'encaustique

Pascale Bouchard

Abstract and floral encaustic art

Art abstrait et art floral à la cire chaude par Pascale Bouchard artiste peintre québécoise

Through an intuitive and natural gesture, Pascale Bouchard has been exploring for several years the harmony of colors, textures and movement using different mediums including encaustic, inks and watercolor.  The fluidity and transparency that are created by these mixtures lead her to give birth to surprising decorative works.  


Mainly inspired by nature, in all its grandeur and its elements, the artist suggests with her creations abstract spaces and/or pictorial vegetation according to his very personal pictorial expression.


You will notice the use of more and more organic mediums and in respect with nature (encaustic, vegetal papers, natural dye, inkstick) because for Pascale this approach gives more meaning and respect to this world of inspiration: nature.  


In sum, through her work, she invites you to discover expressionist/abstract atmospheres, orchestrated by her gestural spontaneity.  Always open to continuing her discoveries and learning about art in her historical passages and across all cultures, Pascale tends to develop her signature.  

A gentle, airy, vaporous and little-known art

The texture and the bas-relief created on the wooden surfaces, attract and fascinate the eyes of people in front of her abstract works of art with encaustic rich in material and color. After listening to Pascale's explanations, on her creative process and her medium based on beeswax , the questions as well as the surprise evoked at the client's departure, further underline the unique character of the Latuquoise artist. 
Her abstract and floral art from this hot wax is still little known to people.  By the same token, the invitation is launched!  Follow this artist on her social networks and/or during her exhibitions to discover all the expression of her fluid blooms .

Meet the artist Pascale Bouchard

and its unique contemporary abstract art !

Publication Expo Empreinte d'Art mai 2024.jpg

The Association of Affiliated Painters of the South Shore (AAPARS) invites you to visit the Expo Galerie AAPARS 2022 in Boucherville.



Saturday, April 2 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Opening at 2 p.m.

Sunday, April 3 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

WHERE: Francine-Gadbois Multipurpose Centre.
1075 Rue Lionel-Daunais, Boucherville QC J4B 8N5




"Art for the awakening of an abstract, fluid and tactile nature!"

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